How to handle appointment cancellations and no-shows

As a professional, handle appointment cancellations and no-shows,you want to treat your clients with respect and kindness. The last thing you want is for them to be unhappy with their experience at your shop or salon. If they cancel an appointment or don’t show up, you’ll probably be able to reschedule them–but there are other ways that can still affect your reputation as a stylist or aesthetician.

If the client cancels, can you be flexible?

Yes, but only if they’re willing to reschedule. Some clients will cancel at the last minute because they forgot about their appointment or couldn’t leave work in time. If this happens more than once, it may indicate that your client doesn’t value what you do and how much effort goes into making each session special.
If this is the case and your client has given up on seeing you because of an emergency or conflict at work (or whatever), offer another session as soon as possible—but don’t forget that not every cancellation means there’s a problem! Sometimes people forget until moments before their appointment time rolls around again. And even if someone does have an emergency come up right before an appointment start date (say in these examples above), try not to take anything personally—it might still be worth scheduling one more time instead of canceling altogether just because something else came up unexpectedly beforehand.

How do you keep track of the client’s wait time?

To keep track of the client’s wait time, you can use a system that includes the following:
1) A waitlist. This is a list of people who have been booked for an appointment and are waiting to be seen by your office staff. Depending on what works best for your business model, you can track these on paper or in an app like Google Docs or Slack.
2) A sign-in sheet at each desk where clients wait for their turn (this could also be used as an inventory list). The sign-in sheet should be kept up-to-date to reflect what’s currently available in your schedule—whether there’s space left over after cancellations and no-shows, how many new clients were added recently during open hours (and if any), and more!

Can you offer other forms of payment (ex. gift cards)?

You can offer gift cards as a form of payment for future appointments. If someone cancels their appointment, you can have them purchase another gift card to compensate for the missed opportunity and still get paid. Gift cards are also great because they’re flexible—they can be used anytime and in any amount. If someone forgets their wallet on the day of their appointment, they can still go ahead with it after paying with a gift card instead of a cash or credit card.

What if the client is running late?

If the client is running late, be flexible and offer to reschedule. Call them and leave a message if they are more than 15 minutes late. If they still don’t show up, you can cancel the appointment without any penalty or charges.
If you have no other option but to cancel an appointment without notice (for example, your business is too busy), then do so as soon as possible after receiving word from the client that they will not be able to make it in time for their scheduled appointment.

Do you have any tips on handling no-shows and cancellations?

No-shows and cancellations are an inevitable part of any business, but they can be especially frustrating when you’ve waited all week for someone to show up. Here are some tips on how to handle no-shows and cancellations:
1) Treat your clients with respect. If you’re going on vacation or sick, make sure that they know what’s going on so they aren’t disappointed in advance (and don’t cancel without letting them know). If your cancellation policy says that no refunds will be given after three days of missed appointments (or whatever), then clearly explain this before one day has passed since the appointment was scheduled!
2) Make sure you’re clear about your cancellation policy. This should not just be about getting paid for time spent—it’s also about making sure customers feel like their next appointment won’t be cancelled at the last minute due to lack of interest from other people looking at the same time slot as them or because it’s simply too busy elsewhere during certain times of day/weekends etc.…

Be sure to treat your clients with respect, even if they don’t show up

If a client cancels an appointment, being polite and professional is essential. You should ask them if they’d like to reschedule for another time. If not, ask for anything else that could be done for your business—perhaps by offering discounts or promotions.
Don’t worry about it if the client doesn’t show up for their appointment. You can still charge them a total price for the service even though they have yet to pay in advance. Just make sure that their credit card information is correct (and update it if necessary) so that everything goes smoothly and smoothly again when they arrive at the salon without any notice whatsoever!


We hope you found some helpful tips here. It’s important to remember that your time is valuable, and no-shows can be tough to come back from. But if people cancel or show up late, remember that you should always treat them with respect—even if they don’t make it on time for their appointment.

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